Welcome to my playground!

Whenever I'm not designing, I like to read, write, draw, DJ, cook, eat, among many other things. Here's a small collection of some of my hobbies.


While I was at Barnard College, I was a Daily Editor and Senior Staff Writer at Bwog, Columbia University's undergraduate student news blog. I wrote about some serious stuff, and I also wrote about some not-so-serious stuff.

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Ramisa Eats

I currently run an Instagram page called Ramisa Eats (@ramisa.eats) where I post pictures of food that I've eaten, including my own home-cooked meals.

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facing east

For 7 semesters, I had a radio show on WBAR, Barnard College's freeform Internet radio station, called facing east. On this show, I played music from Asian artists with Western influence to highlight my identity as an Asian-American. I played all kinds of music, ranging from Japanese shoegaze to Taiwanese math rock to Indian experimental folk.

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